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I am honored to be endorsed by my friends and neighbors.   Lori

Lori Kinnear is a terrific Councilmember and together we have been powerful advocates for District 2 and all residents in the City. Please keep her on the Council so we can continue moving forward together. — Breean Beggs, Spokane City Council-member, District 2

I have worked with Lori on several committees and she is tireless, dedicated, supportive of her constituents and really smart. Her work in support of Browne's Addition and it's goal of historic designation was fantastic! When she gets a hold of an issue, she never quits. — Michael Harves

Congratulations on your recognition by the Preservation Society. Simply another wonderful contribution by you to the community and another accomplishment by you of which there are many benefitting our State! — Robert Simon, Nova Fisheries
Andy Billing
Mary Ann Bosky
Roger Bosky
Therese Covert
Diane Crow
Judith Gardner
Jacqui Halvorson
Spokane Fire Fighters Local 29
Barbara Marney
Carol McVicker
Timm Ormsby Washington State House of Representatives, Third District
Ben Stuckart, Spokane City Council President
Shannon Weachter

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