• Next Up the General Election in November!
  • Enjoying Summer Parkways with David's Pizza
  • Marching with Friends in Spokane's Pride Parade
  • Walking the Centennial Trail with Friends
  • Enjoying the South Perry Street Fair
  • Speaking to Voters at Candidate Forum
  • Spokane Preservation Advocates Summer's Eve Party at E.J. Roberts Mansion

We Won!

We won because we called 8,000 people, knocked on hundreds of doors, waved signs, hosted house parties, and more. We won together.

Thank you to all thank you all for your efforts and a wonderful conclusion to a very long year!

What’s next:

November 18, 2015: Deadline for application to be my legislative aide. To be considered email your cover letter and resume to: Council Member-elect Lori Kinnear. A full job description can be found here.

November 24, 2015: Election results certified.

December: My swearing-in ceremony (check back for date/details)


I’ve been working for you for nearly seven years…

I’m a former business owner, and I know firsthand that running a business and running a government are two very different enterprises. I’m currently working with business owners in my role as a legislative aide to City Council to develop business incentives. This is in addition to designing guidelines for our neighborhood centers to better integrate businesses without adversely impacting neighborhood residents.


Helping other women entrepreneurs identify resources, and market their business led me to serve as an advisor to the Women’s Business Center.

I’m a passionate gardener, so when I realized that many people in our community don’t have the space to grow fresh produce, I saw an opportunity to use existing City resources to change that. Working with local author and gardener Pat Munts, we started the Spokane Community Garden Program. This program now serves families in 12 locations. Spokane Park and Water department land – that would otherwise be underused and require city resources to maintain – is now put to good use providing food and saving taxpayer dollars.

Serving as vice-chair of Friends of the Centennial Trail Board, I’m a strong advocate for our regions’ trail system. Our Centennial Trail is a jewel of the Inland Northwest. It offers a convenient, safe, and healthy way for families and individuals of all ages to enjoy our natural beauty.

The trail also provides new ways to connect with other neighborhoods and centers of business, including downtown and the booming University District, and is a major attraction for tourists and newcomers to our region.

As a City Council member, the vitality of our system of trails will remain a priority.

Let’s keep Spokane Moving Forward!